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Koinos Account Protocol

KAP makes it easy to access dApps without buying tokens. You just get a free or premium username and go. Built on the Koinos blockchain, KAP is the backbone of social, gaming, and any other free-to-use dApp. KAP is launching in Q2 2023 with premium account names. It will evolve to include a host of features that make it easy to experience blockchain for free.

NFT Name Service

Account Security

Free dApp Access


Q2 2023


  • Launch KAP premium named accounts for $KOIN holders
  • Support customizable KAP social profiles with NFT avatars
  • Whitelist NFT purchasers for $KAP airdrop

Q3 2023


  • Integrate with Kollection NFT Marketplace
  • Integrate profiles with existing wallets and block explorers
  • Create integration tools for dApps

Q3 2023

Tokenless Access

  • Launch Mana Station to provide free dApp access
  • Prepare protocol for free account launch

Q4 2023

Web2 Parity

  • Open free account registration
  • Launch account abstraction features
  • Launch credit card support for premium name purchases



  • $KAP airdrop to premium account holders
  • Open permissionless TLA registration
  • Fully decentralize protocol
  • Enable public $KOIN deposits to generate yield with Mana Station


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